Alghanim Industries hosts merit scholars’ event for Kuwaiti students in the United States of America at the company headquarters

June 1, 2017 -

[via Kuwait Times]

February 15, 2017: Alghanim Industries, one of the largest private companies in the region, held an information session for merit scholar students studying in the United States about the history of the company and its diverse businesses. The event was hosted at the company’s headquarters in Al Hamra Tower, and included 13 students, from various universities, interested in learning more about the company and career opportunities.
Students were met by both the Talent Management and Diversity team, Corporate Communications, and employees from different departments who shared their experience at university, discussed their areas of work, and spoke about the general environment at Alghanim Industries.

Director of Corporate Communications, Abdullateef Al-Sharikh, welcomed students with an overview of the company’s diverse businesses and brands, in addition to Alghanim Industries’ rich history in the region. Hadeer Shelash, Assistant Manager – Corporate Communications, also discussed the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, including the various programs addressing youth education and entrepreneurship, in addition to the range of charity work targeting the underprivileged. The following segment included Senior HR Officers – Talent Management and Diversity, Noora Amin and Hebah Al Rasheedan, who shared details about the company’s student internship opportunities and the fresh graduate initiative, “Alghanim Industries Future Leaders Program”, which is designed to develop the professional capacity of new Kuwaiti graduates.

Commenting on the students’ visit, Abdullateef Al-Sharikh said: “We strive to be present at events that involve promising and talented Kuwaiti youth. This stems from our deep belief in the vital role they play, especially when it comes to growing and developing Kuwait’s private sector. In the same vein, we’ve been strong supporters of NUKS-USA’s annual conference, which is the largest gathering of Kuwaiti students outside Kuwait, during which we always make sure to meet with merit students in particular. This year we were able to host these students at Alghanim Industries, giving them a better idea about our company, and a chance for direct dialogue with the employees. We are always happy to host our promising youth, and we hope to welcome these distinguished students as colleagues in the near future.”

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This article was published on Jun 1, 2017