Alghanim Industries Launches Women’s Network

November 17, 2016 - Kuwait Times

[via Kuwait Times]

On Tuesday, November 8, Alghanim Industries announced the creation of the company’s first women’s network. The Alghanim Industries Women’s Network (AIWN) was launched to provide female employees in the company a solid platform to connect with peers, gain exposure, and promote opportunities for upward career mobility.

The inaugural meeting covered company diversity initiatives and policies, employee feedback from surveys and focus groups, and how to share on the network’s communication channels. Though it is the initial stage, this network will serve as a strong base for future discussions and proactive brainstorming meetings. It provides female staff from all businesses a platform through which they can directly communicate with company leaders.

It also allows employees to have a more central role in shaping the network by suggesting and driving future gender diversity initiatives. Over 200 female employees attended the first of many meetings to come. During the launch event of AIWN, the company introduced the members of the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee, which focuses on issues related to gender diversity in the company.

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This article was published on Nov 17, 2016