Alghanim Travel covers the world.

If you have a travel dream, we can help make it happen: From Istanbul to Paris to Disney World, USA, Alghanim Travel has customized packages to fit every taste, and budget.

Alghanim Travel is one of the most experienced travel operators in Kuwait, with a long history of offering good value in combination with superior customer service. It is also a leader in innovation: In 2011, Alghanim Travel became the first travel operator in Kuwait to offer its own online booking tool, allowing customers to book and — pay for — travel from the comfort of a home or business computer.

And our innovations continue.

Our “One-Stop Travel Shop” approach allows customers to make travel plans – be it a business excursion, dream vacation or adventure getaway — in one visit, essentially.

Why we’re No. 1 with our customers:

  • Global travel management – No matter what your travel need, we can handle it. (So that you don’t have to!) From boarding passes to flight itinerary, hotel confirmations and special excursions. For work, play or adventure travel.
  • Customer service – Ours is superior by every measure, and the fact that customers keep coming back to us, year after year, stands as strong testament to our track record.
  • Cost-effective travel solutions — No ugly surprises, ever. We aim to get you the best deal possible, with no hidden fees or special add-ons. Trips/packages are tailored with your specific needs, budget and travel aspirations in mind.
  • 24/7 support for corporate customers — We’re available to you 24 hours a day, no exceptions.
  • Online access — Easy-to-use web site for those who care to do their own planning. You can also pay for trips online – no hassles, ever.
  • Our partners are also top tier –Our air partners include British Airways and Gulf Air. We also work with luxury cruise operator Cunard and Eurorail, one of the most ubiquitous rail lines in Europe.
  • American Express, at your service – We’re a longtime partner of Amex, so our customers have the added support of one of the most trusted consumer brands in the world.

Alghanim Travel is part of the family of companies owned by Alghanim Industries, one of the oldest and largest employers in the Middle East.

 To learn more about Alghanim Travel, or to book a reservation, please visit us online HERE.