Driven by Executive Chairman Kutayba Y. Alghanim’s commitment to humanitarian aid and social responsibility, Alghanim Industries, one of the region’s largest private companies, continues to support the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, funding several key initiatives inside and outside Kuwait. The joint efforts of Alghanim Industries and KRCS serve a medley of philanthropic purposes focused especially on education, charity, youth-focused projects, in addition to relief efforts.

Alghanim Industries renewed its joint support for a joint initiative with KRCS in financially supporting lower income students through scholarships with Arab Open University. Since the launch of this initiative in 2019, it has covered tuition fees and provided financial support for more than 50 students, enabling them to pursue their college education at the Arab Open University.

Executive Chairman Kutayba Y. Alghanim stressed the importance of facilitating pathways to higher education as a key element to the company’s philanthropic work and service to the community. Better educational opportunities for younger generations are both a basic human right and a cornerstone to a more fruitful future for society, the chairman explained. As education is tied to better financial prospects for the individual, these scholarships not only provide access to college degrees, but also enable students to gain jobs that will improve their overall quality of life.

“We’re proud of this solid partnership with Kuwait’s Red Crescent Society,” said Chairman Alghanim. “Our formidable relationship and shared values empower us to further enhance our collective efforts in Kuwait and the region.”

When it comes to education, a major component of Alghanim Industries’ philanthropic mission, Palestine is a historic beneficiary of the company’s support. The West Bank’s Birzeit University is both a longtime recipient of financial support and an institution held dearly by Executive Chairman Kutayba Y. Alghanim – in 1985, the chairman supported the establishment of the Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim Library with Birzeit University, which hosts over 50,000 books for Palestinian students.

Most recently, Alghanim Industries solidified this alliance with a timely donation in support of KRCS’s efforts in Lebanon. The devolving economic situation in Lebanon, coupled with the chairman’s longtime adoration for the Levantine country, prompted Alghanim Industries to revitalize KRCS’ “With You, Lebanon” campaign. After the August 2020 Beirut port blast, the campaign launched as an immediate relief initiative to counteract the tragedy and its effects which still echo today. The ongoing campaign recently provided medical supplies and an array of necessities along with camping provisions for Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Additionally, the campaign’s aid package provides baby formula, medicine, supplies, and funding for the reconstruction of hospitals and homes damaged by the explosion.

“What bleeds in Lebanon, bleeds in Kuwait. The wound is one,” said Chairman Alghanim. “Extending and renewing our support to the victims of the Beirut blast is not only a humanitarian responsibility but a national duty from one country to another sibling country. We haven’t forgotten the honorable and fearless stand Lebanon made when Kuwait suffered the Iraqi invasion, and we’re just as proud to provide support as we were 30 years ago when we were supported.”
Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, Chairman of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, lauded the longstanding relationship between the KRCS and Alghanim Industries, valuing the charitable donations of the company to help KRCS in its various activities, whether in Kuwait or abroad. He noted that Alghanim Industries spares no effort to support the KRCS activities, reflecting the true Kuwaiti values of generosity and solidarity.

Beyond Lebanon, the Alghanim-KRCS collaboration also provides regional support to Palestine with both humanitarian aid and educational empowerment. In May, KRCS launched their #WithYouPalestine campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian people during the latest episode of aggression by the Israeli Occupation.
Collaborating with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, KRCS provided affected Palestinian territories with dire need of necessities and medical supplies. Alghanim Industries supported the campaign with donations, making way for an array of more purposeful equipment catering to specific ailments with medical aid and ambulances.

This article was published on Sep 16, 2021