Spearheaded by Executive Chairman Kutayba Y. Alghanim’s philanthropic commitment to Palestine, Alghanim Industries continues to support Kuwait’s Red Crescent Society’s – KRCS – with funding for the #WithYouPalestine campaign. Backed by the company, the initiative aims to extend a helping hand to those affected by the recent Israeli Occupation’s aggression in Palestinian territories.

Kuwait’s Red Crescent Society first established the #WithYouPalestine earlier in May in solidarity with the Palestinian people during the latest episode of aggression by the Israeli Occupation. More recently, KRCS flagged both Gaza and the West Bank as top priorities while the organization coordinates with previous philanthropic partners and Palestinian communities alike.

Collaborating with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, the Kuwaiti branch is specifically focused on providing recently affected Palestinian territories with dire need of necessities and medical supplies. Alongside basic emergency provisions, the company’s donations make way for an array of more purposeful equipment catering to specific ailments with medical aid and ambulances.

Posing a long and prolific history of philanthropic partnerships with various KRCS initiatives, Executive Chairman Kutayba Y. Alghanim expressed special concern to the pains incurred on Palestinians by recent Israeli Occupation hostilities. “As always, the Red Crescent Society of Kuwait has our deepest gratitude for their imperative work,” the chairman said, adding “we appreciate their grand efforts as we also hope to see a more peaceful reality for Palestinians.”

Whether in Kuwait’s local communities or across the region at large, the chairman added: “Our longtime partnership with Red Crescent ensures consistent humanitarian support; we’re very proud to effectively heed this call and be one the few first on the scene to aid people.”

Domestically, the partnership between KRCS and Alghanim Industries also focuses on philanthropic activities aiming to empower people living with difficult circumstances. In the realm of education, the two have often shared common goals of elevating the youth in hopes of securing a better future for their communities. Alghanim Industries and KRCS hold a joint initiative with the Arab Open University in Kuwait through a scholarship fund for students with less fortunate social backgrounds.

KRCS’ Chairman of Board of Directors Dr Hilal Alsayer said the “long-established history and combined efforts between Red Crescent and Alghanim Industries always ensures a fruitful humanitarian effect.”

“In crucial moments like these, we are proud of this partnership we’ve grown with Alghanim Industries,” Dr Alsayer said. “Although we’re heartbroken and horrified by the aggression that shocked the world, our partnership with Alghanim helps us provide for as many affected people as possible.”

In Palestine, Alghanim Industries use the same principles in providing better access to education for students from underserved communities. The West Bank’s Birzeit University is both a longtime recipient of financial support and an institution held dearly by Executive Chairman Kutayba Y. Alghanim.

In 1985, the chairman, a decorated philanthropist in the region, funded the building of what many consider an iconic library named in honor of the chairman’s father, Yousef Ahmed Alghanim, in the university with over 50,000 books available for Palestinian students to utilize.

This article was published on Jul 13, 2021