Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the region, recently added a higher-end Safat Home boutique to Kuwait city’s newest landmark, Assima Mall. With a tech-friendly shopping experience and a collection of unique home accessories, Safat Home joins two Costa Coffee branches and X-Cite’s largest store in Kuwait, providing mall visitors a lively and unique shopping experience.

“Ahead of our national day celebrations, we are excited to announce the openings of Safat Home, X-cite and Costa Coffee stores in Assima Mall – a new landmark in the heart of Kuwait City. The stores represent our continued commitment to our valued customers, and our promise to delight them with new experiences wherever they are,” said Executive Chairman Sir Kutayba Y. Alghanim. “In a constantly changing environment, we remain steadfast in ensuring our growth encompasses our customers’ growing tastes and interests. By opening these three different brands, each with their unique, innovative and finely curated customer experiences, we hope to serve our customers’ evolving needs in exciting new ways. Through Assima Mall and all that it offers customers, Salhiya Real Estate has once again delivered an impressive destination and a fitting home for our newest stores.” 

The new Safat Home welcomes visitors with an online kiosk where customers can browse a digital catalogue, mixing and matching the finest furniture that best fits their needs. In addition to that interactive service, customers can take the customization experience further with Safat Home’s new styling station, a special service offered to those wishing to add their personal flair in styling and setting up household accessories.
Safat Home boutique also offers an extensive collection of accessories, showcasing the latest and trendiest products, which include a number of offerings created by local artists and interior designers. 

Executive Chairman of Salhia Real Estate Ghazi Al Nafisi noted that the new Assima Mall is the company’s newest building the largest in scale when it comes to space, cost and amenities. The mall combines a shopping center as well as a business center hosting an array of offices and companies, in addition to a five-star-hotel fully operational since November 2021. The building also boasts multiple stories for parking in a total space of 40,000 m2 in the heart of Kuwait City.

The Salhia Real Estate Company ensures the new Assima Mall comes with the latest architecture and technological advancements as the company, a pioneer in the region since opening Salhia Mall in the 1970s, extensively executed a building plan fit for both the public and its own professional standards. Executive Chairman Al Nafisi also noted that the Salhia Real Estate Company is always focused on presenting the highest quality of offerings for everyone’s commercial enjoyment and business productivity. The newly opened Alghanim Industries stores of X-cite, Safat Home and Costa Coffee add to a stellar lineup of businesses and stores present at Assima Mall. He noted that working with a respected peer such as Alghanim Industries is in lign with Assima’s vision to have an unrivaled customer experience in the newest mall in the heart of Kuwait City.
X-Cite’s new flagship store joins a network of over 40 stores nationwide. Standing out with a finely-tuned interactive design, the newest X-Cite store hosts new specialized experiences for customers to enjoy with a hands-on approach, bringing over 300 international electronics brands to its customers. 

The new store boasts a unique interactive video game area, with six gaming stations where customers can try out a variety of gaming machines and gadgets offered at X-cite. This includes the latest gaming consoles and accessories such as speakers, gaming laptops, screens, keyboards, earphones, gaming chairs, among other items. X-cite customers can have an immersive gaming experience, trying out a selection of the latest video games on their favorite consoles before making any purchase. Additionally, to cater to the growing segment of video game enthusiasts, the new X-cite store has a number of in-house designed gaming stations on display, built to stylishly fit gaming essential tools and gadgets.

The addition of the new sections in X-cite’s new flagship store reflect its deep-rooted belief in customer-centricity, giving its valued customers the opportunity to experience the devices and items they wish to purchase out of the box before making their purchase.

Costa Coffee also joins the Alghanim Industries trio of household brands opening in Assima Mall, delivering outstanding handcrafted coffee, credible healthy menu choices and exceptional customer service. Following a celebration of its 50th birthday, Costa Coffee expanded into Assima Mall with two branches, meeting varying customers tastes and dietary needs with a constantly updated array of fresh food and several recently introduced plant-based options.