Kutayba believes that education – for all, regardless of background, gender, age or economic means – is the key to a fully functioning society.

Education is an equalizer. It opens minds, opens doors, and unlocks opportunity.

Unfortunately, the time and money required to achieve a quality education in the Gulf creates barriers for many individuals who are trying to find those doors, and open them. This has long-term implications for those who are seeking to better themselves, their lives, and the lives of their families. The paucity of educational opportunities also has an impact on the Gulf region, which depends on its youth – these are tomorrow’s leaders – to ensure a bright and prosperous future for all.

Arab Open University (AOU) believes in opening doors – to everybody.

Founded in 2002, AOU provides students with access to affordable, flexible and high-quality education across the Gulf region — regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status. By opening doors to all students, AOU hopes to inspire creativity and innovation among Arab youth, leading to a range of benefits not just for students – but for the entire Gulf region.

Kutayba believes in these ideals. So he does what he can to ensure that the university continues to evolve as a valuable – and affordable –  resource for students across the Pan-Arab community.

“AOU truly believes in learning,” says Kutayba. “Not just in terms of providing a better education, but also in terms of encouraging students – men and women — to explore and develop to their fullest.”

“That’s why I’m involved with AOU,” he says,” because I, too, believe in the power and importance of self-discovery. It’s a way to take charge of your own life, and just as important, perhaps, to also make a difference in the world around us.”

In short, academia should seek to elevate, promote and encourage students — not hinder through artifice, gender bias or bureaucracy.  This is a core belief of AOU – it is likewise a bedrock principle that Kutayba embraces. Kutayba is on AOU’s board of trustees, and regularly lends his voice, and world view, to deliberations around the university’s structure and curriculum.

AOU is a pioneer in the area of “blended education,” which, as the term suggests, fuses many disciplines in service to providing student with a quality education: Classroom and distance learning are complemented with computer-based tools, satellite-beamed instruction and study, individual and group tutoring, and in-person learning centers. This approach is unique within the Pan-Arab community and is quite impactful, as it allows students to learn and grow according to individual needs, and interests.

Flexibility is AOU’s hallmark.

Once enrolled, AOU students can seamlessly transfer credits among the different campuses. So students can keep learning and growing, no matter where they happen to be based.  AOU currently has seven branches across the Middle East, including Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt.

Since 2002, AOU has graduated more than 12,000((CH)) students, more than half of whom are women. This record is also unique within the Gulf region. Currently, around 23,000 students are enrolled across the Gulf region.

To learn more about Arab Open University, please visit the web site HERE.