Kutayba’s belief that every child deserves to live in a loving home and a caring environment inspired him to become involved with The Children Home project.

Launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor ­ Social Welfare Sector in 2015, the initiative includes restoration and renovation of six homes, a central kitchen and an outdoor play area. Kutayba’s commitment to this program stems from his deep belief in youth potential ­ this is a pillar of Kutayba’s life, and continues to be a driver as he looks for ways to improve the quality of life for those in need.

The new homes are modeled on the SOS Children’s Villages system, where orphaned children are given the opportunity to live, grow and prosper in independent homes with traditionally-structured families that include “brothers,” “sisters” and a nurturing “mother.” This stands in sharp contrast to the traditional orphanage approach and system, whereby all children live in one dwelling and sleep in dormitory-like facilities that lack the warmth and sense of emotional security that a family structure can more easily provide.

This initiative was implemented through Khair Al Kuwait, a charity organization operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor ­– this is the organization that is overseeing restoration of The Children Home buildings.

The houses were designed by SSH, one of the leading architecture and engineering consultancy companies in the MENA region – this work was done on a pro bono basis. Designs include an open backyard layout and themed homes with different colors, making it easy for children to recognize his or her home from afar. The six houses will accommodate between 24 and 36 children and will provide them with a safe and secure environment in which they can develop. Each dwelling has three bedrooms ­ for children ­ a mother¹s room, family-living area, bathroom and a kitchen. This phase, which involves extensive refurbishment of dwellings and community areas, was funded by Kutayba Alghanim.

The Children Home project is the only venue in Kuwait that offers shelter and care for orphaned children, and cares for them up to the age of 12.